I'd like to thank all of the people who helped make this book possible. I can't possibly list them all here, though I will list some. I apologize for any that I leave out inadvertently.

Since this is based on my web site, I need to thank Dave Winer, whose examples have influenced the path that I, and many others, have followed online. Thank you, Bob Frankston, for starting me on Dave's DaveNet, helping make VisiCalc a reality, being such a good friend all these years, and for countless other things.

Thank you, Julianne Chatelain, for all the help and encouragement during the first two years of my web site.[] Thank you, Ed Blachman, Peter Levin, and the others at Trellix, who were quick to comment on my posts, and thank you, Don Bulens, for being so supportive of my blogging. Thank you to all of my readers for encouraging me to continue, either with an email, a link, or even just clicking to read what I wrote and thereby leaving a line in the server log file.


This book owes a big debt to my personal editors. My cousin Tova Zeff read and corrected every chapter and spent endless time giving me advice and encouragement. Chris Daly took time off from working on his own book to help me clean up several of the chapters. Adina Bricklin helped me get a clear handle on early drafts of parts of the book. Jonathan Bricklin, who has been a great supporter and source of insight throughout ...

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