Chapter 5. Cooperation

One of the ways that we get leverage from a group, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts, is through cooperation. Cooperation can take many forms. One way is through the simple act of sharing information, letting others find out what you are doing or what you know. Other ways include working together towards a common goal and sacrificing personal benefit for the good of the group.

I start this chapter with a blog post about an example of people observing the behavior of others and getting the idea to watch a particular event.

Friday, November 12, 2004 : TIED INTO POP CULTURE ON JETBLUE

I had a strange experience just now. I'm flying JetBlue for the first time. They have personal flat-panel displays at each seat, with satellite feeds. Thirty-six channels (well, not all were working). When I flew a few weeks ago on United during an historic Red Sox game, we were lucky to hear updates every half inning from the pilot (I made it home in time to watch the end). I was putting the final touches on a keynote speech I'm giving next week at the Computer Reseller News Hall of Fame Awards. One of the points I make is about mobility, connectivity, and the move from point products to modular systems. Then I started listening to Adam Curry's November 11th podcast. This was the first one of his that I'd listened to (I tend more to the IT Conversations type of podcasts so far). Adam is more tilted to pop culture than Doc Searls and the Gillmor Gang, with his ...

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