6.4. I Asked a Question and the World Answered

In this series of blog posts, you get to see how the readers of my blog helped me answer a mundane, simple, but obscure, question.


I've been doing a bit of traveling the last few weeks. Here are some notes:

I was at the Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida and noticed a huge plane just sitting there. Nobody knew what it was, but at least it had a big name on the tail:

Big plane and close-up of tail

Luckily I live in the new wireless Internet world! I pulled out my RIM 950,[] and typed in the URL for the Google search engine:

What is that plane? Call up Google on my RIM

It seems Google is tuned for such wireless use. The display was very simple and to the point. I found some references to the plane:

Search results list

Finally, I read that this was a Russian transport:

Details about the Antonov AN-124

Cool! Was finding this out worth $40 or so a month for a normal person? Probably not. Was it fast enough to answer questions in real life? Not if I wasn't just waiting ...

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