1.3. The Mindset of an Engineer

To understand the writings in this book it helps to understand the mindset of the engineer, innovator, and entrepreneur.

Part of that mindset comes from what motivates me. Understanding some of the drives that I have will help you see why I focus on certain aspects of situations in my writings. Those drives are commonly found in other people in my field, and knowing about them can put what we choose to do and say in perspective.

People in different fields of endeavor are often motivated by different drives. They get great joy out of satisfying those drives. For example, teachers feel rewarded when they successfully help students who are struggling to discover the key to a new concept or when they introduce a child to a field that becomes their life's work. Some people are driven by wanting to "win" no matter what the field. Others are driven by wanting to help others who are in need, in pain, or suffering. Yet others are driven by wanting to express themselves in some medium, such as paint or song, and bring new beauty or understanding into the world.

Let's take a look at the drives that motivate an engineer.

One drive is the drive to build things, especially things that others will use. Engineers love to take components and put them together to create a greater whole. We build the world.

Engineers love to have their work actually used. There is beauty in something well designed, but there is also beauty in something that actually enhances someone ...

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