Goals: making sure your enterprise fits your ethos 19
10 ways to work out how big you want to
Size isn’t everything. Starting or growing a business should be prompted
by personal ambition and goals. Remember that your enterprise is there to
deliver your vision and your vision alone. Here’s how to work out how big
your business needs to be to realise your dream.
1 How do you want to spend your time? – you need to enjoy work itself as well as the
financial rewards it might deliver. Only by doing what you enjoy and believe in will
you succeed.
2 How rich do you want to be? – consider how wealthy you want to become and why.
Perhaps you aspire to more than just money.
3 What would you do if you could afford to? perhaps you’re a social entrepreneur,
driven by how you can help others while also helping yourself. Focus on the differ-
ence you want to make.
Is your family behind you? your business must fit with their plans too.
Remember that your partner as well as you may have to make sacrifices. Make sure
they’re with you.
5 What do you want for your kids? watch them sleeping. What do you want for
their future? How will your business deliver it?
6 Consider risk the bigger the business, the bigger the risks. We all handle risk
differently. Don’t put yourself under more risk pressure than you’re going to find
7 What do you want to change in the world? think about the world issues you’d
like to change. If you make a mint, maybe you could invest in changing the world!
8 Think balancetake a long walk and watch nature. It’s a great way to put your new
venture in perspective with the world. Remember that there’s more to life than work.
9 Get some business heroes read how some of your business heroes got started.
What can their business journey teach you? What do you want to do that’s the same?
10 Have a plan it’s so obvious I’ve put it last, just in case you forget! Your plan needs
to define the milestones you’ll pass as you grow your enterprise. Writing it down will
help you know deep down whether or not it’s really what you want to do.
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Of course, as Douglas Adams said in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,
the answer to the ultimate question is 42. For you and me it is probably a
little more complex and you will find that the more you achieve then the
higher your aspiration will become. This is the phenomenon defined by
Maslow as the ‘hierarchy of needs’:
physiological – food, water, sleep, sex;
safety – freedom from physical harm;
social – friendship, a feeling of belonging;
ego – respect and status;
self-actualisation – developing talents and realising potential.
Many experts now say there’s a further step. That once you have achieved
self-actualisation, you will derive more satisfaction from helping others do
the same. This is what motivates philanthropists to give their wealth away.
It also encourages successful entrepreneurs to mentor and support those
still building their businesses.
Find someone who has already enjoyed success and invite them to mentor you.
Don’t ask for too much of their time; all you need is for them to believe in you
and to share their top tips when you encounter challenges.
Andy Kent, Andy’s Kars
An almost fatal brain haemorrhage brought Andy Kent’s career as a motor
mechanic to an abrupt halt. He lost the use of his right limbs and spent months
recovering from his illness.
Finding it difficult to get work as a disabled mechanic, he started his own garage
business. Andy’s Kars provides all the usual motor services such as routine
servicing, repairs and MOT testing. What makes it different is that the workshops
have been designed to be used by mechanics with disabilities.
Goals: making sure your enterprise fits your ethos 21
He recruits others who, like himself, don’t want to let a disability prevent them
from doing what they love. Not surprisingly, the company specialises in repairs
to Motability adapted vehicles. Andy is driven not to make money, but to make
possible what others said could not be done!

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