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And here’s Joe’s finished application follow-up letter:
1 Anyold Road, Guildford AN1 1CV
Telephone: 01632 960 314 (Home); 07700 900 159 (Mobile)
Email: joebloggs@example.com
Mr. John Hammond
Sales Director
Boozy Direct Limited
Davidson Way
24 June 2009
Dear Mr. Hammond,
I recently submitted my CV for the position of Senior Sales Manager. As I have not yet received
a response to my application, I would like to confirm that you have indeed received it; I would
emphasise that I remain very interested in the position.
In my current role, the sales campaigns I have devised and implemented have been successful
both in developing existing buyer relationships and in generating valuable new business. I have
delivered a substantial increase in weekly sales levels – from £45,000 to £85,000 – and believe I
could make a very significant contribution to your own sales operation.
I would be more than happy to resubmit my application if necessary. Please do not hesitate to
call me on 07700 900 159 so as to arrange this.
Yours sincerely,
Joe Bloggs
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Interview thank-you letters
The goal of your speculative and advert-response letters is obviously to
get your foot in the door for an interview. Having achieved that, it’s easy
to think that the matter is now out of your hands and that it’s just a ques-
tion of sitting back and waiting to see whether the interviewer decides to
give you the job or not.
But that is precisely what 90 per cent of people do!
The importance of being proactive
At no stage in your job hunt should you be sitting back and waiting for
anything not until you’ve achieved the ultimate goal of receiving a job
offer. In a tight job market you need to be
proactive and constantly keep up your
efforts to land a new job. You need to have
a follow-up strategy in place.
In exactly the same way that following up
on your original application can boost your
odds of success, so can following up immediately after an interview. You
are writing, ostensibly, to thank the interviewer for their time, but actually
you’re aiming to seize one last opportunity to make an impact on them
to reiterate how your skills and experience meet their requirements.
Once you’ve got to the interview stage, the odds are already narrowing
down very much in your favour. There could easily have been as many as
100 initial applicants. However, less than 10 are likely to have been invited
for interview. Success is within your grasp, and one final effort at this
stage can really swing things in your favour.
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in a tight job market
you need to be proactive
You probably devoted a good few hours of your time to putting together
your application and attending the interview and yet it doesn’t take more
than 10 minutes to knock out a well-crafted thank-you letter.
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