y first freelance contract was hard won. I’d spent
several months getting the hang of this new world of
finding projects and selling myself. Finally I landed
something I loved in a very cool internet startup. They offered
me a full-time job but I managed to turn it into a three-day-week
contract paying me the same amount.
I was hooked.
Since that point more than 12 years ago, freelancing has led
me into all sorts of interesting places and projects. I’ve worked
with award-winning startups, global corporations and household
names. I’ve worked on projects in Europe and Africa, written a
piece of software that ended up in London’s Science Museum,
changed career completely, started my own company, and finally
become a bestselling author with Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to
do what you love and get paid for it. Try doing all that in a con-
ventional job!
One of the great pleasures of freelancing is that you are finally
in charge of your own career and that means you can take it
wherever you want to go.
Brilliant Freelancer will help you get started quickly and easily.
Leif manages to do what no one else has done give the prac-
tical information you need to get started as a freelancer while
making it simple and, above all, fun. (This has got to be the first
book on freelancing that actually made me laugh out loud.)
xiv Foreword
Because really that’s the point of being a successful freelancer
it’s just a lot more interesting, exciting and fun than being stuck
in a job. Even if it’s sometimes a real challenge too.
Fortunately Leif eases some of those challenges how to earn
your first gig, what to do if you run out of money, deciding
whether you need a limited company, setting your rate, haggling
on price, and managing clients to keep both of you happy.
Whether you’re considering taking that first leap from a job or
you’re already freelancing and ready to move up a gear, read
Brilliant Freelancer and make a start today.
John Williams
Author of Screw Work, Let’s Play: How to do what you love and
get paid for it (Prentice Hall, 2010)

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