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Choose your networking groups
Networking groups abound. Unless you’re in a small village, far
from towns and cities, there should be networking groups near
you. Try a few different types to discover what you enjoy and
what you find useful. You may prefer:
Niche networking with a specific kind of business – where
do your clients meet?
General business networkingmeeting anyone and
Peer networkinggetting to know professionals like you.
Freelance networkingmeeting other freelancers in all
kinds of professions and industries.
Relaxed networkingcasual, evening meet-ups in pubs as
opposed to more formal daytime events.
Create your own group
If you want a networking group that doesn’t exist, create it! I
wanted to meet more writers, so I created WriteClub a group
specifically for writers that now meets in two cities.
Thanks to the web, and websites like Twitter, WordPress, Google
Groups, Facebook and Meetup, it’s very easy to create a
others this approach is anathema – it’s the very worst kind of
interaction, reducing the potential of human cooperation to a
kind of corporate prostitution. So unless your hero is Gordon
Gekko, be a patient, friendly, inquisitive networker and let the
benefit of networking build gradually, forgetting the potential
rewards as you make new friends.
Networking: the power of people 87
Networking is a process rather than an event.
Networking can happen anywhere – so get used to looking for
opportunities in all kinds of clubs and groups.
Don’t go to networking events to sell – go to learn and make
It’s normal to be nervous about networking, but with a bit of
practice you’ll soon enjoy it.
Find local networking opportunities or start a new group.

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