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Brilliant Influence

Book Description

Whatever you do in life, whatever you hope to achieve, Brilliant Influence will help you get there – with the power of influence. It shows you how to build the support, trust and respect you need to propel your life forwards to take on challenge after challenge.  


Based on over twenty years of influencing experience, the author combines psychological principles with case studies and examples to show you how to:

- Use body language and appearance to establish instant rapport.

- Select words to gain lasting trust and respect.

- Understand how people make decisions so you get a ‘yes’, every time.

- Know how to apply a ‘win-win’ negotiation approach, so you never lose.


The author has an active website: www.mikeclayton.co.uk, a blog: Shift Happens! At: www.mikeclayton.wordpress.com and Twitter: @mikeclayton01