Create a space
for your new
life and take
the first step
‘Man cannot discover new oceans
until he has the courage to lose
sight of the shore.’
Once you have clarified your goals you need to clear a space in
your life so that you can focus on them and commit to them. The
power of de-cluttering cannot be overemphasised and clearing
out your home of things that you no longer use or even care
for can be a truly transformational process. Even doing a small
amount can have remarkable results. When you begin to clear
out any clutter in your outside world, it has a corresponding
effect on the mental clutter inside you. You may be emotionally
attached to your clutter such as an old dress that you love but no
longer wear or fit into but you can’t quite let go of. Or you may
hoard or hold onto things ‘just in case’ you need them one day.
Keeping clutter because you think you might need it someday
can drain or deplete your energy. To determine whether some-
thing is clutter or not is simple. If it lowers your energy then it is
clutter. If you love it and use it, it is
not. Even if you are not consciously
aware of it, everything in your home
has an energetic impact on you.
if it lowers your energy
then it is clutter
Explore the energy of your home. Close your eyes and make sure you
are sitting comfortably and that you won’t be disturbed. Focus on your
126 brilliant life coach
Make space for the new
Objects have a powerful symbolic value and meaning and
clearing things out of your home can have a significant effect on
your well-being. Choose one object that you want to clear out
and ask yourself:
What benefit will I have from letting this go?
What will I lose from letting this go?
Changing the energy
Beth had been given a jewellery box by her mother-in-law before she died.
They had never had a good relationship Beth had always felt judged and
undermined by her. Although Beth didn’t particularly like the box, she felt
duty bound to keep it. Every time Beth looked at the box she subconsciously
associated it with feeling criticised, so it subliminally lowered her energy. As
soon as Beth realised how negatively the energy of the jewellery box was
impacting on her she felt able to give it away. Beth felt an immediate sense
of relief and she was delighted that the atmosphere in her bedroom had
changed significantly it felt light and airy for the first time in months.
breathing and feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed. Let go of
any thoughts, simply observing them as passing clouds. Now see yourself
walking around your home. Go into each room – what do you notice and
how do you feel as you look around you? Does your house feel spacious
and light or is it cluttered and a little oppressive? Are there piles of things
that are just taking up space? Look in your cupboards and drawers. Pick up
different objects and open different cupboards and drawers. Notice what
makes your energy go down and what brings it up. When you have done a
tour of your home, slowly become aware of yourself sitting in the chair and
bring yourself back into the room and open your eyes.

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