How to stay
‘Your destiny isn’t a matter of
chance, it’s a matter of choice.
It’s not something you wait for,
but rather something you achieve
with effort. Never give up on your
dreams. You do have the power to
make them a reality.’
Patanjali (2nd century
bc; founder
of Yoga sutras)
nowing what you want is one thing. Having and
keeping the motivation to make it happen is another.
The Buddhists talk about living life as if your hair were on
fire. In other words, when something is important enough you
make it a number one priority and all of your energy goes in that
direction. Your motivation needs to feel like a burning desire if
you truly want success. When you’re motivated, you draw on all
of your resources, rally all of your faculties, marshal all of your
energy, and focus your heart and your mind on attaining your
objective. You’re 100 per cent committed to yourself and your
aspirations, and your thoughts and your actions support your
What motivates you?
However inspired you are by your goal, there are times when
your energy can start to flag. When this happens, you need to
plug yourself back into the source of what motivates you and
use motivational tools to get you back on track. Here are some
motivational tools.
Know your worth
Although our sense of self changes as we journey through life,
we tend to measure our worth by how much we’ve accom-
plished, how intelligent, good looking, prosperous or talented
we think we are. The opinions of others can often dictate how
142 brilliant life coach
we feel about ourselves. The truth is that your inherent worth
has nothing to do with these factors. Your true worth is innate
and can’t be eradicated by anyone or anything and once you
value yourself for who you are your life begins to change from
the inside out. Every time you affirm yourself and treat yourself
with respect you grow in self-confidence and self-esteem. When
you feel worthy you have no problem
accepting yourself as you are. It is
your self-worth that enables you to
feel happy, confident and motivated
to become the best you can be.
Keep your creative juices flowing
When you’re thinking creatively you are open to new insights
and perspectives. You literally pluck ideas out of thin air. Your
creative juices flow and you feel buzzing and alive and you bring
enthusiasm and energy to whatever you’re doing.
once you value yourself
for who you are your life
begins to change
Here are some suggestions to keep your creative juices flowing and your
motivation high.
Check in with yourself and ask yourself such questions as ‘What makes
me excited about my goal?’ and ‘Why do I want to achieve it?’ Have a
pad of paper and write whatever comes into your head. Be inspired by
your answers.
Seek inspiration – read books and see films about people who have done
extraordinary things with their lives or succeeded against all the odds.
Dance, sing, exercise, meditate – any of these change your mental and
physical state.
Breathe deeply for five minutes, oxygenate your lungs and empty
them of stale air. You’ll feel revitalised as every cell in your body is

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