Time-keeping techniques
It is essential to manage your time
efficiently in the run-up to the test to
ensure you fit in enough practice ses-
sions. But how you use your time
during the test is also extremely
important. Aim to spend a sufficient amount of time on each
question. That’s the maximum amount of time that you need to
spend in order to get the question correct. No more and no less.
More would just be wasting time checking the answer unneces-
sarily. And less time could lead you to an incorrect answer. If you
have time left at the end, go back to check your answers. Start
with any questions where you have nagging doubts about the
calculation. Do not finish early go back and double-check your
answers if time permits.
OK, so you are not expected to finish the test. You certainly
don’t need to finish to pass if you get a high number of correct
answers. But remember that you will be working under strictly
timed exam conditions like you had to do for school exams.
This is a test and calls for an energised approach. If you consider
your normal working pace a walk, you should be jogging briskly
when you do the test! Pace yourself during the test. To do this
you will need to keep an eye on the time remaining. Do a quick
check roughly every 10 minutes, checking the time remaining
against the number of questions that you have left to answer.
Right at the start of the test make a mental note of roughly how
long you should be spending on each question. Try to ensure
that you do not spend longer than this as you go through each
question. Prior to the test you should have considered the
number of questions that you would need to answer in the time
available. If you have gone through practice questions you will
have a good idea of the average time that you need to spend on
each question.
Test-taking tactics 49
how you use your time
during the test is
extremely important
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