Appendix 1

Answers to comprehension questions


  1. False.
  2. As ‘the aggregation of marginal gains’.
  3. Practice (the more you use them the more natural the techniques become).
  4. Simply by changing the distance that you hold your book you can improve the efficiency of your vision, reduce eye strain, fatigue and improve both speed and comprehension.
  5. Skimming and scanning.
  6. Use of a guide, once mastered, is one of the most important techniques in speed reading.
  7. The flexibility to alter text to suit your own preferences.
  8. Latin and Greek.

Chapter 1

  1. $900 billion.
  2. Spam filtering and intelligent internet search tools.
  3. The average reading speed is in the region of 200 to 240 words per minute (wpm) with about 60 to 80 per cent comprehension. ...

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