What else do I
need to know?
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irst, take a moment to consider how far you’ve come since
the first time you picked up this book. Reflecting on the
progress you have made should give your confidence a
boost. Go on, give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve learned
many useful test-taking strategies; it is nearly time to put them
in action. But before that, let’s have a
look at the test process in general.
Being fully aware of what to expect
on your test day will help allay any
What will I be told in advance?
You should have been provided with the following information,
in keeping with best practice:
G logistical information, such as directions about how to get
to the test centre;
G advance notice that you will be taking a verbal reasoning
test, including the length of time that the test will take to
G an explanation of the testing process;
G the part that the test will play in the overall process,
including who will have access to your results;
G any feedback arrangements.
let’s have a look at the
test process in general
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64 brill iant verbal reason ing
If you feel that anything has not been
adequately explained to you, or if
you are uncomfortable with any
aspect of these issues, then don’t
hesitate to get in touch with the
contact name that has been sup-
plied. Remember that your prospective employer or place of
study will want to ensure that you are treated fairly throughout
the testing process.That means from the time when you are noti-
fied that you need to undertake a verbal reasoning test right up
to the time that you find out the outcome.
don’t hesitate to get in
touch with the contact
name that has been
What does the test administrator do on the day?
In order for the test results to be reli-
able and fair, the test session needs
to be standardised. That means the
onus is on the test administrator to
make sure you do what you are sup-
posed to do and follow all the instructions exactly. Ask them
about anything that is not clear, particularly the practice ques-
tions. Make sure that everything is clear before the timer starts
since you will not be allowed to ask any questions once the test
has started.
Many test publishers and consultancy firms offer British
Psychological Society-recognised courses for training test
administrators to administer and score verbal reasoning tests in
the UK. This maintains the professional standards for con-
ducting group test sessions.
Don’t make any assumptions if anything is unclear check before
proceeding. The administrator is there to answer your questions.
the test session needs to
be standardised
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Everyone taking the test must do the following:
G Complete the practice questions at the start of the test (in
the initial 10–20 minutes). The administrator will ensure
that every applicant present at the session completes the
practice questions. The administrator will go through any of
the practice questions if you are unclear as to how an
answer was arrived at.
G Start the test at exactly the same time.You need to follow
the administration instructions to the letter. Do not start
until you are told to do so.
G Stop working as soon as the test administration says that
the test has finished.
What else do I need to know? 65
How are my test results used?
Your prospective employer or place of study expects that there
will be a range of test scores on the verbal reasoning test. That’s
why the test is being used in the first place to differentiate
between applicants in terms of their verbal reasoning ability.
A couple of comparisons are made:
1 Each individual’s overall score is compared to those of a
large group of hundreds sometimes thousands of similar
applicants who have taken the same test before. This is the
norm group the normal range of scores that are typical of
Just as you would not be late for an interview, you should not be late for a
test. Don’t assume that you can be fitted in at whatever time you arrive.
Your testing time will have been scheduled in so there’s probably someone
using your computer before and after you.
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