and wider access to the broadband services that facilitate
internet purchases. There is sufficient information to say that
the UK is leading its European neighbours in the area of
internet sales, including Germany. Thus the answer is
12) The UK is at the forefront of increasing European internet
sales. (TRUE)
The key phrase in the passage is The UK leads its European
neighbours in internet shopping. The key word here is leads.
Thus it is TRUE that the UK is at the forefront of
increasing European internet sales.
13) The passage suggests that internet shopping appeals to con-
sumers who do not like going out to shop at shopping
centres. (TRUE)
The passage mentions shoppers’ preference for staying at
home and links this to the flourishing of e-commerce.Thus the
statement is TRUE.
14) Low credit card usage is the only reason that continental
European countries lag behind the UK in internet retail.
This is a tricky question. Low credit card usage is indeed
one of the reasons that the passage describes. However it is
not the only reason and so the statement is FALSE. As the
passage specifically states: The UK leads its European neigh-
bours in internet shopping, in part because of higher credit card
15) Internet retail sales in the UK and France will be higher
next year. (CAN’T TELL)
Another tricky question. The statement is making a predic-
tion. When the passage refers to future internet retail sales
it makes a different prediction: Business experts forecast a
trebling of internet retail sales in the UK and France over the
next five years.Aforecast for the next five years does not
Graduate and managerial level verbal reasoning tests 231
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