one equals or offsets the other. The answer is CAN’T
49) Strategic change programmes are always based upon
employee satisfaction survey results. (FALSE)
The relevant part of the passage is as follows: One way for
organisations to measure employee satisfaction is by using attitu-
dinal metrics, the data from which can be used to enact strategic
change. The answer is FALSE.
50) The passage suggests that company stock option schemes
engender feelings of belonging among participants.
The answer is TRUE because of the statement: The introduc-
tion of employee stock options is another way to increase a
workforce’s commitment and loyalty.
51) The passage suggests that there are manifold approaches to
human capital retention. (TRUE)
The passage describes many different ways of retaining
employees, for example stock options, remuneration and
satisfaction surveys. So the statement is TRUE.
Project management, the system of organising resources to achieve a
finite long-term goal, contrasts starkly with process-based operations,
such as traditional banking. When such process-based industries,
which can be characterised by a functional execution of immediate
tasks, embark on a project a clash of cultures almost inevitably ensues.
But as the corporate world shifts towards an increasingly project-based
model, managers within process-based businesses must be educated in
project management.This does not simply mean training courses in the
use of planning software, but rather the adoption of a completely dif-
ferent management methodology.Traditional hierarchies represent one
challenge to project-based working, whereby the project’s hierarchy
supersedes organisational seniority. Another obstacle in reactive,
process-based cultures is a resistance to planning, and a mindset that
IT is peripheral, rather than integral, to business projects. These
242 brilliant verbal reasoning
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