hurdles are indisputably worth overcoming, however, as acquiring
project management capabilities enables businesses to function effec-
tively in project mode while continuing to conduct their day-to-day
operations efficiently.
52) When working on a project, senior staff might be account-
able to a more junior project manager. (TRUE)
The following sentence is key: Traditional hierarchies repre-
sent one challenge to project-based working, whereby the project’s
hierarchy supersedes organisational seniority. The answer is
53) The passage indicates that project management methodolo-
gies are at odds with those of some industries. (TRUE)
The answer is TRUE as the passage describes how project
management contrasts starkly with process-based operations,
such as traditional banking.
54) Long-range planning is antithetical to the discipline of
project management. (FALSE)
The passage defines project management as organising
resources to achieve a finite long-term goal . . . It is a system of
long-range planning so the answer must be FALSE.
55) Training courses in planning software are sufficient for
acquiring project management expertise. (FALSE)
The key words are not simply in the following sentence: This
does not simply mean training courses in the use of planning soft-
ware, but rather the adoption of a completely different
management methodology. Software training courses are cer-
tainly an important part of acquiring project management
skills, but they are not sufficient they need to be accom-
panied by a change in methodology. So the answer is
IT has been used commercially for over 50 years, yet no standard ter-
minology or system for measuring the value of IT expenditure exists.
Graduate and managerial level verbal reasoning tests 243
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