Quick Start 11:
Selecting a Content
Management System
Before You Start
1. Consider the time required to select an appropriate product.
2. Consider the range of products available in the marketplace.
3. Build content management knowledge.
4. Consider risks and risk mitigation strategies.
5. Redesign the site if necessary.
Determining Project Goals and Targets
1. Focus on business outcomes.
2. Specify targets and how their achievement will be measured.
Determining and Documenting Business Requirements
1. Focus on business needs rather than technical solutions.
2. Address compliance needs.
3. Provide descriptions and examples to clarify meaning.
4. Avoid specifying too many requirements.
5. Make use of existing resources.
6. Consider gaining an external review of requirements.
7. Consider the use of scenarios to help document requirements.
244 • Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Survival Guide
Producing Documentation
1. Include background information.
2. Include any new site design.
3. Specify technical infrastructure.
Evaluating and Selecting a CMS
1. Use scenarios during demonstrations.
2. Visit reference sites.
3. Focus on usability and simplicity.
4. Assess the vendor’s implementation methodology.
5. Consider the total cost of ownership.
Australian Government. (2005). Selecting a content management system. Retrieved
from http://www.agimo.gov.au/practice/delivery/checklists/select_cms.

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