Information Technology / Operations Management
Where end-users once queued up to ask the IT department for permission to
buy a new computer or a new version of software, they are now bypassing IT
altogether and buying it on their own. From laptops and smartphones to iPads
and virtually unlimited software apps, end-users have tasted their freedom
and love it. IT will simply never be the same.
Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) Survival Guide
explains the psycho-
techno phenomenon also known as bring your own technology (BYOT).
Providing the guidance necessary for living in this new world, it describes the
new end-users (Millennials) and their demands, as well as the strategic and
tactical ramications of these demands.
Examining the business aspects of BYODselection, purchasing, and
corporate culturethe book covers the broad range of technical considerations
including selection, connectivity, training, support, and security. It also
includes an extensive set of best practices.
The book is geared for the small- to medium-size enterprise that needs to
integrate BYOD into their environment. It addresses top ics such as content and
data management, risk assessment, performance measurement, management,
and even conguration management.
The text includes a set of Quick Start guides that provide tips for such
things as assessing costs, cloud integration, and even legal issues. There is
also a full set of appendices that supply helpful information on everything
from security settings for Apple iOS devices to a sample employee mobile
device agreement.
ISBN: 978-1-4665-6503-6
9 781466 565036
Bring Your Own Devices (
Survival Guide
Bring Your Own
Devices (
Survival Guide
Jessica Keyes

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