Chapter 11

Taking Politics to the Masses: Social Media

In This Chapter

arrow Grasping the importance of social media

arrow Breaking the mould through political blogging

arrow Taking to the streets with Twitter

Newspapers, magazines and even political TV programmes are just so last century (like brick-sized mobile phones and Britpop). Nowadays, individual politicians, political parties and pressure groups have to get their messages across through social media as well as through traditional or mainstream routes.

A picture on Instagram, a tweet retweeted 10,000 times or a Facebook post shared among the masses is the new political Eldorado. Many politicians may not understand the ins and outs of social media, but they do know that it can help them communicate their messages to a brand new audience or re-engage people who’ve become disillusioned with all things political.

To discover just how social media is changing the political landscape in the UK and across the globe, read on, as I discuss the benefits and dangers for politicians. This chapter is for you whether you post, tweet, blog or trat (okay, I may have made the last one up).

Understanding that Politics Is Now Mobile

The UK contains more mobile ...

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