J Barron BA, MA (Cantab)University of Cambridge

1.2 Engineering Mathematics,Formulas and Calculations

1.2.1 Mathematical Signs and SymbolsCalculations

Sign, symbolQuantity
lb x; log2 xbinary logarithm of x
sin xsine of x
cos xcosine of x
tan x;tg xtangent of x
cot x; ctg xcotangent of x
sec xsecant of x
cosec xcosecant of x
arcsin x, etc.arc sine of x, etc.
sinh x, etc.hyperbolic sine of x, etc.
arsinh x, etc.inverse hyperbolic sine of x, etc.
i, jimaginary unity, i2 = −1
Re zreal part of z
Im zimaginary part of z

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