Maclaren’s CEO on Learning from a Recall

by Farzad Rastegar

Farzad Rastegar is the CEO of Maclaren USA.

The Idea

Though Maclaren USA had spent months carefully planning a recall, when the news leaked a day early, the company was unprepared. What followed taught its CEO some valuable lessons.

Like many CEOs, I subscribe to a daily e-mail service that notifies me when my company is mentioned in the news. On the morning of November 9, 2009, a Monday, the first headline I saw was “Maclaren Stroller Recall.”

The story, from the New York Daily News, went on to explain that Maclaren USA, a business I’ve run since 2001, was recalling one million strollers following finger injuries to 12 children. The information about the recall was true. But I hadn’t ...

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