The grid

MDL grid is very similar to the Bootstrap one--12 columns and responsive to many screen sizes, this should be an easy transition. The only and main difference is that MDL grid doesn't have a container and a row. Instead, you can define a grid with an inner <div> tag as cells:

<div className="mdl-grid"><div className="mdl-cell mdl-cell--4-col">Content 1 </div>  <div className="mdl-cell mdl-cell--4-col">Content 2 </div>  <div className="mdl-cell mdl-cell--4-col">Content 3 </div></div>

Refactoring Cart.js in the render method can be done as follows:

render() {   return (    <div className="mdl-grid">       {this.props.children}    </div>)}

In the Cart page, we will render all the added items as a grid with 3 columns of size 4.

The CartTotal component ...

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