13Building it

In Summary

We absolutely loved writing this book, developing the ideas we'd formed and meeting hundreds of tremendously brave and talented HR and leadership rebels around the world. It's been truly inspiring seeing the passion and dedication behind so much effort and ingenuity to make work better. We've learned such a lot on the journey and as we completed this stage, three things really stood out.

Maybe We've Forgotten What We Learned as Children

The first was how much the elements of the Engagement Bridge™, the components that make for an engaging culture, are actually things we learned in childhood. But then somehow we forgot them when we came to work or maybe left them at home. Things like telling the truth, trusting people, admitting it when you are wrong and being kind to people. We were left wondering how we'd gotten to a place where we forgot those things at work, or somehow thought they didn't apply.

Illustration of how an engagement bridge is built with the 10 elements of Recognition, Job design, Learning, Leadership, Management, Purpose, Mission, and Values, Open and Honest Communication, Pay and benefits, Workspace, and Well-being.

At least this makes you realize that the things we need to do to make our workplaces more engaging aren't that difficult.

Instinct, intuition and the golden rule of treating people as you want to be treated.

—Producer and DirectorJJ Abrams on how he manages people

So Much of the Bridge™ is Intertwined

It's hard to pull Leadership away from Open & Honest Communication—how can you deliver great leadership without that? The biggest problems with Pay ...

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