Localizing Spoken Responses

In Chapter 1, ​Alexa, Hello​, as we began work on the Star Port 75 Travel skill, we added a LocalisationRequestInterceptor object in index.js and registered it with the skill builder. As a reminder, here’s what LocalisationRequestInterceptor looks like:

​ ​const​ LocalisationRequestInterceptor = {
​  process(handlerInput) {
​  i18n.init({
​  lng: Alexa.getLocale(handlerInput.requestEnvelope),
​  resources: languageStrings
​  }).then((t) => {
​  handlerInput.t = (...args) => t(...args);
​  });
​  }
​ };

The ASK SDK gives us the option of registering one or more request intercepters in the skill. Such interceptors may inspect and modify the handlerInput ...

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