Chapter 10. Y-Axis, Part 1

Now that you have the largest part of your CNC machine built-the table-you've completed what we refer to as the x-axis. In order for the router to do its work, you've got two more axes to complete: the y-axis and the z-axis.

What we're going to show you in this chapter are the first steps to building the y-axis and giving your CNC machine's router the ability to move forward and backward, toward the front and back of the tabletop. To do this, you're going to create a frame around the tabletop that consists of four pieces of MDF and two more bearing-rail assemblies (BRAs).

Over the next three chapters, you're going to build the frame that will give the router movement along the y-axis.

The Y-Axis MDF Parts

For the y-axis ...

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