Chapter 12. Y-Axis, Part 3

Now that you have the gantry sides (Parts Q and R) bolted to the Gantry Bottom Support (Part P), it's time to finish up the y-axis frame by adding the Y-Axis Rail Support. Consisting of two pieces of MDF bolted together, these two pieces will provide stability and rigidity to your CNC machine.

The y-axis frame you're building performs two functions. It rolls along rails mounted on the sides of the table, allowing the machine's router to move forward and backward. It also provides a "minitable" that allows the z-axis frame (covered in Chapter 13) to move side to side.

The Y-Axis MDF Parts

The y-axis frame consists of six pieces of MDF:

Part O

Y-Axis Rail Support (front)

Part P

Y-Axis Gantry Bottom Support

Part Q

Y-Axis Gantry ...

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