Chapter 14. Z-Axis, Part 1

You're almost done with the cutting and drilling of MDF. The remaining part of the CNC machine that you're going to need to assemble is the z-axis frame. The z-axis frame will not only hold the router you'll install, but it will also give it side-to-side and up-and-down mobility. (The front-to-back motion is supplied by the y-axis frame that rides on the x-axis tabletop.)

As with earlier tasks, you'll be doing some more cutting and assembling using cross dowels, as well as building some more BRAs. You'll also be using some measurements you took back in Chapter 13, so be sure you've followed the instructions in that chapter carefully.

The Z-Axis MDF Parts

For your z-axis, you're going to need to cut a total of six pieces. ...

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