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Build your own Alexa skill

Book Description

Amazon's Echo assistant has not only opened up a world of new interactions for their customers, it has opened up a whole host of technologies for programmers to explore. From Amazon's Alexa SDK to AWS Lambda, the tools for building voice experiences are challenging, but also a joy to use once you've gotten past the initial hurdles.

What you'll learn—and how you can apply it

You'll learn how to create an Amazon Alexa skill. You'll see how to set up and configure the voice interactions and how to create an AWS Lambda function that handles the requests and responses that users initiate.


  • Be comfortable using your computer's terminal or command prompt and know how to create and edit plain text files
  • Install Node.js (version 5 or later) and update npm using these instructions
  • You'll need an AWS account; the free tier is sufficient for this lesson
  • You'll need to register as a developer in Amazon's developer portal