Chapter 13LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® at Work outside Business

Most of what we've covered so far throughout this book has to do with using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY for business. And while this purpose is what has driven much of the method's development, that doesn't mean that the use of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has been or is limited to this field. There is nothing in the method itself that excludes people from other fields and from applying it contexts other than business. Indeed, it is relevant to and applicable in any situation where leaders want people to lean forward, unlock new knowledge, and break habitual thinking.

Some other applications include:

  • Education for elementary, middle, and high school
  • Undergraduate and graduate education, including business schools
  • As a qualitative interview technique in research
  • Focus groups and observational research
  • Group therapy for families
  • Family life and family team building
  • Life coaching for individuals and groups
  • Children's summer camps
  • Retirement planning for seniors
  • As an interview technique for journalists

The applications all share the same motivation for using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY: they are drawn to the method's unique ability to combine a number of key features into a practical approach:

  • Everyone can master the process of building with LEGO bricks.
  • It puts everyone on a level playing field—both the quiet and the dominating, the language proficient and the less proficient.
  • It gets everyone involved continuously. It is not possible for anyone not ...

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