Our aim in writing this book is to give you a hands-on introduction to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. We will explain why and how it was developed and what theories came together in order to support it, and offer a number of examples of how this approach has helped organizations all over the world. This book is not meant to be a handbook that provides you with five easy steps to improve your business by using the process. Rather, it is a journey into the world of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

With that in mind, you might be wondering: why read this book?

Well, you may read it because you have this nagging feeling that you are not making the most of the potential with which you were born. Maybe you've observed children—yours or other people's—at play, and wondered if there was a way to bring the power of that interaction into organizations. Perhaps you believe that creativity is a team process and you want to find a way to unlock it. Maybe you've simply observed well-meaning individuals pulled in different directions in professional projects time and again. Or perhaps you are simply curious about what this serious play thing is all about.

Any of these are good reasons to read this book. We've made it our goal to help you find answers to these issues—and, we hope, also to others that might emerge as you read on.

But why did we decide to write this book now?

As you will find out in the Introduction, LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has traveled a challenging path—one that has been far from straightforward. ...

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