CHAPTER 10Dynamics 365 Support and Continuous Improvement

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.

—Kim Collins, Athlete and World Champion

The end of the Dynamics 365 implementation project is not the end of the story, far from it. Apart from the practical overlap between the project team in hyper-care and the support team spinning up, the whole point of a digital transformation is to embed continuous change, and an appetite for it. However, on a practical level, how do you support your Dynamics 365 environment and your business users? There is the traditional route of getting people to log requests with the support teams and then implement the ones that have the biggest clout or shout the loudest. The problem here is this can lead to a slide back into siloed thinking and working, and is counter to the values of cooperation, collaboration, and customer focus you are trying to encourage.

There is another way, one that companies are finding out for themselves gradually but that we have honed and implemented in multiple businesses, and which has been proven to work well. This is based on the premise that the business drives IT and not the other way a round, but the business teams have to work together to ensure the strategic priorities are always followed and the Dynamics 365 (and related applications) support team helps the business with the technical possibilities and testing the business requirements. The intention here is to remove the focus on IT providing ...

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