Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read

Book description

Today, it seems everyone—from multinational corporations to your kid’s second-grade teacher—has a blog. They all have one, in part, because they have information they want to share with others—from customers and clients to neighbors and parents. But to actually build a good blog—to create a blog people want to read—takes thought, planning, and some effort. From picking the right TypePad plan and working with domains to managing posts and building a community, creating a successful blog involves making critical decisions at each step. In this book by blogger extraordinaire Scott McNulty, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your account and work with blog-specific settings.

  • Customize your blog to fit your personal or business needs.

  • Manage your site with TypePad’s Dashboard.

  • Monitor and make sense of traffic.

  • Work with pages and—of course—publish your posts.

  • Deal with comments, manage trackbacks, and handle comment spam.

  • Find a stock theme—or customize one yourself.

  • Work with images and photos.

  • Product information

    • Title: Building a TypePad Blog People Want to Read
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: July 2010
    • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
    • ISBN: 9780131385320