B. Alternative Ways to Post

Choices are good, right? Yes, they are. No one wants to be forced to do something one way and one way only. Fortunately, TypePad doesn’t force you to post in any particular way; in fact, you can use several methods to post an entry to your TypePad blog.

In this appendix, I take a look at posting by using the Blog It bookmarklet, email, the TypePad mobile Web site, the TypePad iPhone app, and a couple of third-party applications.

Using Blog It

The Overview page of any of your TypePad blogs (see Chapter 5 for more info) contains a list called Other Ways to Post. The first entry is TypePad’s bookmarklet, called Blog It (Figure B.1, on the next page), and for good reason. This bookmarklet—which is just a little piece of ...

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