Appendix A. Glossary


A type of anteater — its name means earth pig.

acceptable use policy

A policy that sets forth the type of user behavior that is accepted by the management of a Web site.


See merchant account.


See Portable Document Format (PDF).

active link

See link.

Active Server Page (ASP)

A Web page created with HTML and either VBScript or JScript (Microsoft’s name for JavaScript) or both. Commands on Active Server Pages are processed via the ActiveX engine. See also HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, and ActiveX.


A system developed by Microsoft to enable a Web page utilizing ActiveX controls to interface with the Windows operating system.

Address Verification System (AVS)

An antifraud feature for credit card transactions in which the address of the credit card holder is compared to the address on an order form. If the two addresses aren’t the same, the probability of fraud is higher.


Short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a version of DHTML (Dynamic HTML).


A Web server that strips identifying information from a visitor’s Web browser, thus preventing any Web page that the user visits from gathering data about the user. It does this by reissuing the user’s request for a Web page instead of simply passing it along. The reissued request contains only the identifying information of the anonymizing server itself, not the identifying information about the user.


Major programs are known as applications. Short programs, ...

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