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Caio Ribeiro Pereira, Building APIs with Node.js , 10.1007/978-1-4842-2442-7_12

12. Building the Client-Side App: Part 1

Caio Ribeiro Pereira

(1)São Vicente - SP, São Paulo, Brazil

After building a REST API using Node.js using JavaScript ES6 language , for the final two chapters of this book, we’ll create a new project. This time it will be a front-end project using the best of JavaScript.

This book has devoted 80 percent of its content to back-end development, but now, we focus on the remaining 20percent, which is about front-end development. After all, we have an API, but we need a client-side app, because it’s the only way for users interact with our project.

For this reason, in these last two chapters, we are going ...

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