Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET

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Praise for Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET

“Ted shows a great depth of knowledge all the way down to the underlying mechanics of .NET. The author’s depth in certain areas, like Events and Delegates, makes this a very useful book.”

         —Gregory A. Beamer, Microsoft MVP

“The content in Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET is quite unique; I don’t think any other book covers the OOP features in the detail as this book does. This book is a definitive guide for all VB developers looking to master OOP skills.”

         —Darshan Singh, Managing Editor,

“As a whole, the book is excellent—clear, and concise enough while still giving all the necessary details.”

         —Gerard Frantz, Consultant

“Ted does a good job explaining the various OOP concepts and the high-level view of the CLR and related concepts. I definitely learned some things about the CLR that I didn’t know, and I found it a good read.”

         —Paul Vick, Technical Lead, Visual Basic .NET, Microsoft Corp.

“When Ted’s first book came out in 1998 I dashed to the bookstore in a Harry- Potter-esque frenzy. That book taught me everything I needed to know about VB6, COM, MTS, etc. Now five years later, I have the privilege of reviewing his new VB.NET book (and also counting Ted as a good friend). Ted has done it again: combining the deep experience he’s gained in his years working with DevelopMentor with his strong grasp of all things .NET, Ted has given us a book that’s as easy to read as it is deep, informative, and accurate. This is THE book you need if you want to go long with Visual Basic .NET. To quote my Amazon review of his first book: ‘Thank you Ted, you’ve done us all a service by writing this great new volume on Visual Basic .NET and the .NET Framework.’”

         —George Bullock, MSDN

“As you move forward into the .NET Framework with Visual Basic .NET, you’ll find the material in this book to be valuable.”

         —From the Foreword by Rocky Lhotka

Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET is the Visual Basic developer's guide to the .NET framework and object-oriented programming.

The authors introduce the basic architecture of the .NET Framework and explore Visual Basic .NET's new OOP features, the syntax required to use them, and the effect that syntax has on code behavior. Readers gain skills essential to creating well-designed applications and component libraries for the .NET Framework.

Among the topics explored in depth are:

  • Writing software for the .NET Framework

  • The Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  • The Framework Class Library (FCL)

  • Using Visual Basic's new object-oriented features

  • Programming with delegates, events, and exceptions

  • Understanding the difference between values and objects

  • Assembly deployment and versioning

  • COM and Visual Basic 6.0 interoperability

  • Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET is the definitive guide to a quick and smooth transition to this new language, and an indispensable tool for becoming comfortable and productive with Visual Basic .NET.

    Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Praise for Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET
    3. Microsoft .NET Development Series
    4. Foreword by Francesco Balena
    5. Foreword by Rocky Lhotka
    6. Preface
    7. About the Authors
    8. The .NET Framework
      1. The Road to the .NET Framework
      2. The Architecture of the .NET Framework
      3. The Common Language Runtime Environment
      4. The Framework Class Library
      5. Migration to .NET
      6. Summary
    9. Developing with Visual Basic .NET
      1. Getting Started
      2. The Visual Basic .NET Compiler
      3. Developing with Visual Studio .NET
      4. Fundamental Changes to Visual Basic
      5. Summary
    10. The Common Type System
      1. Motivation for the Common Type System
      2. The Common Language Specification
      3. Fundamental CTS Concepts
      4. Core CTS Types
      5. Programming with Arrays
      6. Summary
    11. Classes
      1. Designing Classes
      2. Encapsulating Types and Members
      3. Shared Members versus Instance Members
      4. Class Members
      5. Summary
    12. Inheritance
      1. Inheriting from a Class
      2. Polymorphism and Type Substitution
      3. Replacing Methods in a Derived Class
      4. Summary
    13. Abstract Classes and Interfaces
      1. Abstract Classes
      2. Interfaces
      3. Summary
    14. Delegates
      1. The Callback: A Simple Design Pattern
      2. A Trip Down Memory Lane with C++ Function Pointers
      3. Delegates
      4. Summary
    15. Events
      1. A Short History of Event-Based Programming
      2. Programming with Events
      3. Handling Events Raised by the .NET Framework
      4. Summary
    16. Structured Exception Handling
      1. The Fundamentals of Structured Exception Handling
      2. Exception Classes
      3. User-Defined Exceptions
      4. Finally Blocks
      5. Summary
    17. Values and Objects
      1. Creating User-Defined Value Types
      2. Object Cloning
      3. Garbage Collection and Object Lifetimes
      4. Summary
    18. Assemblies
      1. Learning from the Past
      2. Configuring Applications
      3. Building Assemblies
      4. Deploying Assemblies
      5. Versioning Assemblies
      6. Summary
    19. COM Interoperability
      1. A Brief History of COM
      2. Accessing COM from Visual Basic .NET
      3. Creating Visual Basic .NET DLLs for COM Clients
      4. Summary
    20. Further Reading for Visual Basic .Net Developers

    Product information

    • Title: Building Applications and Components with Visual Basic .NET
    • Author(s): Ted Pattison, Dr. Joe Hummel
    • Release date: October 2003
    • Publisher(s): Addison-Wesley Professional
    • ISBN: 0201734958