Spring Security filter chain

Now, let's start the application with the mvn spring-boot:run command. Once the application starts, you can see the following information in the output:

Mapping filter: 'springSecurityFilterChain' to: [/*]

Because it is mapped to a wildcard (/*), the Spring Security filter chain will handle all of the requests the application receives. 

Another log that you will see in the output is the following: 

o.s.s.web.DefaultSecurityFilterChain     : Creating filter chain: org.springframework.security.web.util.matcher.AnyRequestMatcher@1, [org.springframework.security.web.context.request.async.WebAsyncManagerIntegrationFilter@3c2b5b0a, org.springframework.security.web.context.SecurityContextPersistenceFilter@240d2b4d, org.springframework.security.web.header.HeaderWriterFilter@711e7156, ...

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