Third-Party Resources

This section summarizes the best of the many third-party resources that you’ll find helpful in learning more about Cocoa.

Mailing Lists

Online mailing lists are a great way to stay up-to-date on developer issues:


Apple’s cocoa-dev is a mailing list focused exclusively on Cocoa development issues. The mailing list is a forum for both technical and nontechnical questions. Although most of the participants are outside of Apple, many people on Apple’s Cocoa development team read the mailing list and answer questions. For information on how to subscribe to this mailing list, go to:


This list is cosponsored by MacTech Magazine, Developer Depot (a retailer of programming tools), and Apple. MacDev-1 is a source of news, information, updates, and special offers for the Mac programmer community. The goals of the MacDev-1 list are to make developers more aware of available programming resources and to provide vendors of Mac development tools with an efficient channel through which to spread the word about product releases. This list is moderated by the MacTech Magazine staff. For information on how to participate in MacDev-1, go to:

Web Sites

You’ll find the following web sites helpful:

Mac DevCenter

Affiliated with O’Reilly & Associates, Inc., the O’Reilly Network is home to the Mac DevCenter, a hub site that offers news, FAQs, original articles, and other technical ...

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