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Changyi Gu, Building Embedded Systems, 10.1007/978-1-4842-1919-5_6

6. Firmware Coding in C

Changyi Gu

(1)San Diego, California, USA

When I read commentary about suggestions for where C should go, I often think back and give thanks that it wasn’t developed under the advice of a worldwide crowd.

—Dennis Ritchie (1941 – 2011), the Father of the C Language

Starting in this chapter, I will delve into the softer side of embedded systems. The next three chapters cover C/C++, the build process, and a little bit of embedded OS.


At the time when this book was being conceived, iPhone was on its way to become one of the coolest gadgets in history. And a large part of its success comes from the contribution of app developers worldwide. ...

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