Appendix . Flash Internet Resources

Flash is a super-popular application, but it’s not the easiest application in the world to master, which is probably why you bought this book. In addition to the pearls of wisdom in this book, you can surf for other ports on the Web.

As of this writing, I waxed my board and actually surfed to each site to verify that it’s still there. But you know how the Net is — here today, gone tomorrow. Therefore, by the time you read this appendix, some of these sites may have gone the way of the Dodo.

Flash Training and Tutorial Resources

Lots of sites offer Flash training. Listed in this section are some of the more popular sites, with examples of what types of training you can expect to find there.

The Computer Arts site, which is the digital counterpart of a print magazine, features news, product reviews, and extensive tutorials that cover all sorts of digital design programs, including a plethora of learning tools for Flash.

At this site, you’ll find a ton of resources to choose from. Take your pick from tutorials, user forums, downloadable FLA files, articles, games, and cartoons, which are all wrapped up in an incredibly cool interface.

If you need tutorials on almost any Web design subject, including JavaScript and Flash, this is the place to be, Lee. You’ll also find an archive of FLA files that you can download and dissect to see how each effect was created.

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