Chapter 10

Standardizing the Modeling of BIM Objects

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the benefits of BIM objects

arrow Ensuring only the required bits go into a BIM object

arrow Obtaining BIM objects through libraries

arrow Dealing with interoperability

arrow Recognizing that BIM objects are a combination of both graphical and nongraphical data

Procuring data in any market is a complex task. Being clear about what you need and are prepared to pay for and then checking you have received what you expect needs careful planning. In this chapter, we introduce you to the digital building blocks that come together to form the models, more commonly known as BIM objects. Each level of complexity has more possibilities. Essentially speaking, a digital representation of a real-life construction product carries information not only about its physical appearance, such as its dimensions and shape, but also about its functional characteristics and performance.

As the construction industry builds more and more buildings ...

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