Chapter 16

Using BIM On-Site and BIM for Health and Safety

In This Chapter

arrow Thinking about early contactor engagement

arrow Requiring BIM on-site

arrow Thinking about reducing waste

arrow Keeping the workforce safe on-site

Although all the parties engaged in the construction process have a contract, this chapter specifically talks about the main, general, prime, or principal contractor, as in the person or organization who undertakes to perform the services, supply goods, or carry out work necessary for the construction of a project. The concept of a project team comprising the client, design team, and contractor is still valid and relevant in this BIM era. However, the industry is witnessing a cultural change, with better-informed clients, a range of procurement routes, and early contractor engagement through initiatives such as soft landings.

By involving the contractor early in the project, the whole project team can consider buildability issues and construction planning earlier in the design process, benefiting from the contractor’s and supply chain’s knowledge and experience and leading to innovative ...

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