Chapter 23

Ten (or So) Myth-Busting Questions and Answers

In This Chapter

arrow Looking at cost

arrow Considering how much detail you actually need

arrow Understanding who really benefits

A lot of misconceptions and hype exist around the subject of BIM, with people often overinflating their understanding and knowledge. In this chapter, we cut through the BIM hogwash and dispel ten or so common myths.

Isn’t BIM Just Trendy CAD?

BIM is a process that’s enabled by technology. You can’t buy it in a box, it’s not a software solution, and it’s something that you can’t do in isolation. Although 3D CAD provides huge benefits over traditional 2D CAD, to fully consider the real benefits of BIM you should coordinate the 3D model with information from other areas, such as the master specification.

The information model is actually a combination of several things and not just 3D geometry. Information models such as the project information model (PIM) and asset information model (AIM) (refer to Chapter 8) contain graphical information such as geometry; however, these models also contain nongraphical data such as performance properties as well as links to associated documentation such as specifications. The ...

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