Building Intelligent Apps with Cognitive APIs

Book description

Until recently, training and deploying AI models required months of development and a deep understanding of machine learning. No longer. With cognitive APIs, you can infuse your apps, websites, and bots with intelligence using just a few simple lines of code. This practical report introduces cognitive APIs, examines the current landscape, and demonstrates how software developers can work with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to create intelligent applications within minutes.

Anand Raman and Chris Hoder from Microsoft’s AI platform team show how to bring intelligence to your applications without training or hosting your own models. Along the way, you’ll work with C# code samples to build intelligent applications using computer vision, text analytics, and conversational samples. If you have a basic understanding of the Azure platform, you’re ready to get started.

  • Extract data from images with Azure’s powerful vision services
  • Produce speech models for speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and real-time translation services
  • Analyze, understand, and translate text with Azure’s language APIs
  • Build apps that provide recommendations for informed and efficient decision making
  • Use Bing APIs to search for images—or use an image to conduct a search
  • Explore use cases that show how companies have used Azure Cognitive Services to transform their business offerings

Table of contents

  1. 1. What You’ll Learn in This Report
  2. 2. The Microsoft AI Platform
    1. Machine Learning Services in Azure
  3. 3. Understanding Azure Cognitive Services
    1. How to Call a Cognitive Services API
    2. New Breakthroughs as a Service
  4. 4. Vision
    1. Computer Vision
      1. Tagging Visual Features
      2. Object Detection
      3. Detecting Brands
      4. Categorizing an Image
      5. Describing an Image
      6. Detecting Faces
      7. Detecting Image Types
      8. Detecting Domain-Specific Content
      9. Detecting the Color Scheme
      10. Generating a Thumbnail
      11. Getting the Area of Interest
      12. Extracting Text from Images
    2. Custom Vision
      1. How to Train and Call a Custom Vision Model
    3. Face
      1. How to Use the Face API
    4. Form Recognizer
    5. Ink Recognizer
    6. Video Indexer
  5. 5. Speech
    1. Speech to Text
    2. Text to Speech
      1. Neural and Custom Voices
    3. Translation and Unified Speech
    4. Speaker Verification and Identification
      1. Speaker Verification
      2. Speaker Identification
  6. 6. Language
    1. Text Analytics
      1. Sentiment Analysis
      2. Key Phrase Extraction
      3. Language Detection
      4. Entity Recognition
    2. Language Understanding with LUIS
    3. QnA Maker
    4. Spell Check
    5. Translator Text
      1. Customizable Translation
    6. Immersive Reader
  7. 7. Decision
    1. Anomaly Detector
    2. Personalizer
    3. Content Moderator
  8. 8. Web Search
    1. Bing Web Search
    2. Bing Custom Search
    3. Bing Visual Search
    4. Bing Autosuggest
    5. Bing Video and News Search
    6. Bing Entity Search
    7. Bing Local Business Search
    8. Azure Search and Cognitive Search
  9. 9. Paving the Road Ahead
    1. Schneider Electric
    2. Seeing AI
    3. AI Ethics and Microsoft’s Principles
      1. Fairness
      2. Reliability and Safety
      3. Privacy and Security
      4. Inclusivity
      5. Transparency
      6. Accountability
  10. 10. Where to Go Next

Product information

  • Title: Building Intelligent Apps with Cognitive APIs
  • Author(s): Anand Raman, Chris Hoder
  • Release date: February 2020
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781492058625