64 Building Java Applications for the iSeries Server with VisualAge for Java 3.5
3.1 VisualAge for Java overview
IBM VisualAge for Java is one of the first enterprise-wide, team-enabled, incremental
application development environments for Java in the industry. It is designed to connect Java
clients to existing server data, transactions, and applications. This enables developers to
extend server-based applications to communicate with Java clients on the Internet or intranet,
rather than rewrite the application from scratch. VisualAge for Java creates 100% pure
Java-compatible applications, applets, and JavaBeans.
This chapter discusses various processes and windows that you use in the development of
applications using VisualAge for Java. All development for this Redbook was performed using
the Windows NT client of the Enterprise Edition of VisualAge for Java Version 3.5.3. If you are
using a different client or the Professional Edition, there may be some slight differences in the
processes and windows that are discussed and shown here.
The source code for any of the examples discussed in this chapter is available on the Internet.
For download instructions, please refer to Appendix A, Additional material on page 529.
3.1.1 VisualAge for Java versions
VisualAge for Java is available in four scalable packages:
򐂰 Entry Edition
VisualAge for Java, Entry Edition, is suitable for learning purposes and for building small
projects. It is available as a no-charge download from VisualAge Developer Domain at
Two free, scaled-down versions of products, Entry Professional Edition for Windows and
Entry Enterprise Edition for Windows, are available. They are limited to holding up to 750
classes in the workspace. IBM doesnt provide support for these trial products.
Documentation can be viewed through the Support page on the Web. The user is licensed
for internal, non-commercial use. Note these points:
Users must be registered in the VisualAge Developer Domain. For information, see:
No support provided
750-class limit
Does not support the IBM Toolbox for Java
򐂰 Professional Edition
VisualAge for Java, Professional Edition, is a complete Java development environment
that includes easy access to JDBC-enabled databases for building full-function Java
applications. It includes an editor, debugger, browser, and Visual Composition Editor. The
Professional Edition is included with the VisualAge Developer Domain Subscription for
Java. Note these advantages:
Provides IDE and Visual Composition Editor (VCE)
Provides JSP/Servlet Development Environment including a Create Servlet
SmartGuide, which optimizes generated servlets, HTML, and JSP components
Includes the WebSphere Test Environment
Includes the XML Parser for Java
Includes Data Access Beans, DB2 Stored Procedure Builder and SQLJ, to access data
Provides Distributed Debugger and Integrated Debugger to debug your applications
Supports the IBM Toolbox for Java
Supports template for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Allows non-Java files to be managed in the repository
Includes Integration with SCM systems (TeamConnection, ClearCase, and PVCS)

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