Adding the next exercise indicator using ngIf

It will be nice for the user to be told what the next exercise is during the short rest period between exercises. This will help them prepare for the next exercise. So let's add it.

To implement this feature, we can simply output the title of the next exercise from the workoutPlan.exercises array. We show the title next to the Time Remaining countdown section.

Change the workout div (class="exercise-pane") to include the highlighted content, and remove existing Time Remaining h1:

<div class="exercise-pane"> 
<!-- Exiting html --> 
   <div class="progress time-progress"> 
       <!-- Exiting html --> 
    <div class="row">      <h4 class="col-sm-6 text-left">Time Remaining: <strong>{{currentExercise.duration-exerciseRunningDuration}}</strong> ...

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