WAY 10Engage with Esoteric STEM: Building a way for your team to regularly discover, test, and assess novel research helps you get a step ahead of competitors.

About the Way

Although science fiction can provide inspiration (see Way 9: Devour Hard Science Fiction), learning how to follow and then evaluate various esoteric breakthroughs in STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—can provide a moonshot group with a different advantage. Esoteric STEM topics are a deliberately arcane set that exist outside a group's specialized moonshot focus. These topics are more than just the usual list of emerging technologies, which may miss other aspects outside of the usual tech. The path of every moonshot progresses from a crazy, almost impossible idea to world‐changing solution. The pathway is built on the back of an interlocking mix of sciences, technologies, engineering, and math, where progress can be tracked through white papers, funding calls, the development of new research centers, journal publications, teams promoting lab bench prototypes, incoming incubator cohorts, funding events, and numerous stages of first‐to‐market products across the valley of death onto a refined, scaled solution.

At each of these stages, in every area of STEM, there are often accessible sources that reveal work underway. For example, science efforts are published in premier and specialist technical journals—both in print and online—and these publications are overlooked directories of research centers ...

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