Building Open Source Programming Skills at OSCON 2012

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Hone your programming skills with help from the experts

If Hacker News had a conference, it would be OSCON: the 2012 edition of this conference was packed with sessions in the Programming Skills track. With this compilation video, you’ll get a front-row seat for more than a dozen of these tutorials, led by experts in the community such as Bob Nystrom (Google), Dan Menard (Netflix), Andrei Alexandrescu (Facebook), and many others.

Explore open source tools and technologies such as Erlang, Sphinx, Cowboy, Dart, Light Table, and more. You can download the videos or view them through our HD player, and discover new ways to hone your open source programming skills. Here are just a few of the sessions you’ll receive in this video package:

  • Behind The Mirror: The birth of Light Table—Chris Granger (Kodowa)
  • Dart: Google’s evil plot to make it easier for you to build web apps—Bob Nystrom (Google)
  • Designing Hypermedia APIs—Steve Klabnik (Jumpstart Lab)
  • Effective Code Review—Dan Menard (Netflix)
  • Efficient Web Applications with Erlang and Cowboy—Loïc Hoguin (Nine Nines)
  • Generic Programming Galore using D—Andrei Alexandrescu (Facebook)
  • Stop Mocking, Start Testing—Nathaniel Manista (Google), Augie Fackler (Google)
  • What Makes a Great Open API?—John Musser (ProgrammableWeb)

With 19 separate program tracks, all the pieces of the open platform neatly fit together at OSCON 2012. Check out our video compilations of sessions for these conference tracks: JavaScripts and HTML5, Data and Databases, and Java and JVM—now available.

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  • Title: Building Open Source Programming Skills at OSCON 2012
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  • Release date: August 2012
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