2.7. Assemblers

To this point, this book has emphasized recognizing the strings that make up a language. In practice, you usually want to react to this recognition by doing something. What you do gives meaning, or semantics, to your parser. What you might want to do is unbounded. A common task is the creation of an object that a string describes. For example, consider a file that contains the following textual description of types of coffees:

Brimful, Regular, Kenya, 6.95 
Caress (Smackin), French, Sumatra, 7.95
Fragrant Delicto, Regular/French, Peru, 9.95
Havalavajava, Regular, Hawaii, 11.95
Launch Mi, French, Kenya, 6.95
Roman Spur (Revit), Italian, Guatemala, 7.95
Simplicity House, Regular/French, Columbia, 5.95

You can use a parser to verify ...

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